Advantage Legal 

 Advantage Legal is a niche law firm based in Abergavenny offering advice on the many issues affecting older clients, their families and carers.  We are proud to sponsor the Atlantic Ladies crew who are rowing the Atlantic and raising money for Alzheimer’s Society as one of their chosen charities.


We wish the ladies the very best of luck with this incredible challenge.  We know you are all training hard and have the dedication and commitment to overcome all that the ocean will throw at you in order to achieve your goal.  We will be tracking your race all the way and cheering you on from the comfort of our cosy office!


UHY Hacker Young

UHY Hacker Young is proud to be associated with the Atlantic Ladies bid to cross the mighty Atlantic Ocean. We are confident that they will successfully complete this amazing challenge and prove what can be achieved with dedication and teamwork, not to mention a lot of rowing! We will be with them through the peaks and troughs of every wave as they battle westwards to glory!

LT Telecom Global PLC

LT Telecom Global Plc and its subsidiary companies are extremely proud to have sponsored The Atlantic Ladies in one of the toughest competitions, we wish these three extremely talented ladies all of our support and wishes in what is going to be a first set record.

LT Webspace – Build your own website, hosting and domain.

LT Telecom ES – For all your Internet, Mobile & Television Services throughout Spain.

LT Telecom UK – For all your Internet, Mobile, Utilities, Insurance & Television Services throughout The UK.

LT Television – Television Packages available throughout Europe offering all the very best premium channels.

Richard Foster, nutritionist.

The Bigger Picture Photographic Agency

Thank you so much for a great photo shoot Angela, you made me feel relaxed and produced us some fantastic professional photos.


On Form Fitness – Personal Training

“We are a personal training company that is driven by your goals. Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, we believe in achievement through training, nutrition and support.
On Form are always up-to-date on the latest fitness research – this enables us to be ahead of the game and give you the best service.
Take a look around the website, fill an enquiry form or simply give us a call and we will advise you on how to get the best out of your body.



 Smartsignz are a locally based modern ‘One Stop Shop’ Signage Company experienced in all aspects of sign-making and installation.  ‘Branding’ a client’s business is important and they offer a comprehensive range of sign products and an in-house design service to produce high quality sign solutions at an affordable and competitive cost.  Coupled with this, Smartsignz pride themselves on customer service and are committed to providing the best service possible by ensuring that they work closely with their clients from start to finish, whether the job is large or small.


Bungee Spongee®

BUNGEE SPONGEE® is a fresh brand with a new and unique range of products, that have never been seen before. I have invented the attachable sponges, because I kept losing my sponge to the sea and was left with nothing to clean with, causing frustration and guilt. BUNGEE SPONGEE® ensures that millions of sponges will never be dropped and lost. Saving the world’s oceans and seas from more unwanted litter. Get Attached!!


Bamboo Clothing

 Here at BAM, we specialise in active-wear and casual clothing made of organic bamboo fabric. Every garment we make is naturally moisture wicking, antibacterial, perfect for all climates and extremely soft; everything anyone could need from scaling Everest, to an afternoon in front of the telly. Our active gear will keep you warm, dry and comfy, so you can concentrate on the real challenge!
We’re extremely proud to be sponsoring the Atlantic ladies crew in their journey and we hope our bamboo gear will help make their endeavour that little bit more enjoyable. Being an active-wear brand, we love getting involved with amazing people who get stuck into challenges like this, especially when it’s for a good cause! Go for it girls!

Johnson Design Partnership LTD

As award winning architects and designers we aspire to create special buildings and spaces for our clients, sometimes from the most difficult of design briefs. Central to our philosophy is that good design should reflect the needs of our clients and respond to the surrounding environment. We can help if you are thinking of extending your house, building yourself a new home or embarking on a major build project and we can advise every step of the way from planning to completion. We are proud sponsors and will be cheering the team on all the way to the finish line!


PPS – Plastic Packaging Solutions

PPS as a group has been providing returnable plastic packaging and container solutions for over a decade.

PPS Midlands Ltd, previously PPS Equipment Management Ltd is based in Marchington, and was set up originally as a plastic pallet pooling business in 2002. As our product range grew to include bale-arm trays, tote boxes, roll cages, pallet boxes and removal crates, the business expanded into the rental and hygienic washing of various types of equipment.

PPS East Ltd, based in Grimsby, and established in 1986, supplied and washed plastic fish boxes for the Humber fish auction markets, and the many fishing trawlers which landed fish at the famous port. Since then it has relocated from the fish dock area, and grown into an integral part of the local seafood processing community by renting various sized reusable fish and salmon boxes, bins, pallets and tubs to customers. The business also supplies, collects and hygienically cleans fish boxes for the Grimsby fish auction market, local fish merchants, and for large retail seafood suppliers.


Charlotte London Clothing


Cutts Refrigeration Ltd are proud to be associated with The Atlantic Ladies, we wish them every success in their training and completing this mammoth challenge. We will track their progress all the way into the record books!”


The ginger biscuit that helps pets and their owners with travel sickness

Security Cymru

Thank you for your generous donation

Allan Buchanan

British Indoor Rowing Champion

Thank you for your generous donation

C-Fit Shrewsbury

Our outstanding team PTI, getting us physically prepared.

Thank you for your generous donation

John Blackwell – alive and well.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Monmouth Rowing Club

Thank you for your generous donation. It was a real pleasure to do a presentation to you. Thank you for the opportunity to row fine boats.

Mountain Warehouse

Thank you for your generous support. We are so grateful for the kit you have provided to enable us to achieve this challenge.

Peakes Travel Elite

Thank you for generous support in helping us with our challenge.

Rotary Club of Abergavenny

Thank you for your support. We enjoyed providing you with a presentation to your members.


Thank you for your generous support towards our challenge. We have an exciting journey ahead of us.


Thank you for your kind support towards our challenge.


Thank you for your kindness in supplying us with your yummy healthy nut bars. They are delicious and a favourite amongst our snacks whilst rowing on the sea.

Brays of Weatherby

Thank you for your sponsorship to our challenge charities.



Uskvale Financial Planning

Thank you for your generous sponsorship to our challenge charities.



Thank you so much for your really generous support. “Peppersmith are on a mission to inspire a healthy teeth revolution, with 100% xylitol mints, gum and pastilles that protect your teeth all day long. Most damage to teeth happens during the day when sugars feed bacteria that form plaque and produce acids but Peppersmith is made with 100% xylitol which reduces this bacteria and protects teeth from damage. Peppersmith products are accredited by the Oral Health Foundation, are sugar free and contain no aspartame.”


Optibac Probiotics

OptiBac Probiotics is a UK based family-run business specialising entirely in live cultures; they pride themselves in selecting highest quality bacteria which have been scientifically researched and clinically trialled. Each strain undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it does not require refrigeration and is viable until the date of expiry, making their products ideal travel companions for the Atlantic Ladies!
They also guarantee that all of their live cultures survive stomach acidity, reach the gut alive, and adhere to the gut wall lining.
The Atlantic Ladies will be taking a number of OptiBac Probiotics products:
For travelling abroad is a specific probiotic combination for travelling, as it contains specific bacteria and the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii which have been proven to be more robust strains capable of surviving in higher temperatures and humidity.
Bifidobacteria & fibre contains the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® with 4g of prebiotic fibres. This strain of bacteria was featured in one of the largest clinical trials on probiotics, which focused on bowel regularity.
‘For women’ has over 30 years of scientific evidence behind it, and contains two strains of probiotics – L. rhamnosus GR-1® and L. reuteri RC-14® – which are different to other probiotics in that they have been shown to colonise primarily in the vaginal tract, more so than in the intestines. The product has been clinically trialled by over 2,500 women in clinical trials focusing on thrush, cystitis and BV.




Thank you so much for your generous sponsorship of PLBs and the world’s first AIS EPIRB. we feel safe knowing that we have your special kit on board Poppy.



The Cottage Company

Thank you so much for your generous sponsorship donation. We are also so delighted to be able to auction the prize you have offered at our Ball in November.



Boat Fenders Direct

Thank you for your most generous and kind support. So much appreciated.

Simply Changing

Thank you for your most generous support with our mental preparation. You are providing us with some fantastic skills to enhance our mental well being during this challenge. we are so grateful.http://www.simplychanging.co.uk So much appreciated.

Wrekin Whiskies

Thank you for your most generous support in so many ways. So much appreciated.

Know Roaming

Thank you for your most generous support by way of supporting our coms. So much appreciated.


Penpergwm House

Thank you for your most generous support of a financial sponsorship So much appreciated.


Motor Care

Thank you for your most generous support of a financial sponsorship So much appreciated.


Family Vision

Thank you for your most generous support of a financial sponsorship So much appreciated.



Thank you for your most generous support of a financial sponsorship So much appreciated.


Call Catchers

Thank you for your most generous support of a financial sponsorship So much appreciated.

Property Revive

Thank you for your most generous and kind sponsorship. So much appreciated.

Fire Pot

Thank you for your most generous and kind support. So much appreciated.


Pip & Nut

Thank you for your kind support. So much appreciated.

Pontesbury Broadplace

Thank you for your most generous and kind support. So much appreciated.