Age on race day: 61

Job: retired from employment, business owner.

Retired from teaching outdoor pursuits and then working in the NHS, now a business owner, I need a challenge to prove myself. In 1977 I was in the British white water canoe slalom team just as my career began. I loved sea canoeing & canoed across expanses of sea in UK. I sailed across the Irish Sea and also from Turkey to Malta. I have also experienced the Southern Ocean. I love the sea and nature and enjoy a physical challenge.

Two close members of my family have been diagnosed with cancer in recent months and a close friend has a rare life limiting condition. I am doing this for my friend’s new charity and to prove I can achieve something in the face of adversity, making me stronger to care for those I love. I want to show other women of my age that we are able to do things beyond our apparent limit. I have recovered from anxiety depression and this journey will reinforce my new life skills and give me strength to be a more useful person in society.


Age on race day: 54

Job: Lawyer

Five years ago, had someone predicted that I would be joining a team of incredibly focused, determined and inspirational women in a tiny boat to row 3,000 miles across an ocean, I would have politely suggested they go and see a doctor.

But, as we know, life sometimes has a habit of presenting us with unexpected twists and turns.  And so it was for me that, in 2011, I became entangled in a sequence of events that would eventually lead me to sign up for a challenge that promised to test me to my limits and beyond.

Answering an advert inviting people to try the sport of rowing, I soon found myself joining Monmouth Rowing Club, being smitten with the agony and joy of learning to row, getting quickly hooked and thereafter swiftly having to balance my life as the principal of a law firm, a wife and mother of a young son with that of what I had now become; a rowing addict.

Amongst the juggling of professional and domestic balls, I somehow managed to scrape enough spare time together to spend countless outings on the river Wye hoping to improve my rowing technique.  And soon enough I discovered the excitement and adrenalin rush that comes from competing in regattas and other rowing events; eventually even winning a few along the way!  Not content with this, however, I then sought out bigger and better challenges, eventually arriving at the point where I now find myself on this weird and wonderful journey of discovering how far I can push myself.

So, from small and, seemingly, insignificant actions can grow great ambitions.

Now I cannot think of anything I want more than to be in that boat with those amazing women who also get what the challenge of rowing the Atlantic is all about.

As a team, the challenge now before us demands our utmost respect; not to conquer the ocean but to love it and hope it loves us back just enough to get us to the other side.

And, if, one day when he’s all grown up, my son can say that his middle-aged mother inspired him to attempt things he might never have thought possible, then I will consider that to be my greatest gift to him.


Age on race day: 54

Job: Midwife

I am a wife, mother and full time Midwife / Nurse who has enjoyed working for the NHS for the last 36 yrs. I have always been interested in health and fitness and love running, cycling and attend the gym as often as possible in between juggling work and home life. I have embarked on a couple of challenges over the last few years, one year I completed the London marathon raising money for Breast cancer care and a few years later joined a team of cyclists who cycled from John O Groats to lands’ end in 1 week, this raised money for Cancer research.

During a recent visit to the gym I was asked by a fellow gym buddy if I would like to be part of a “mature” ladies team to row the Atlantic? My initial response was “Wow! What an amazing experience and challenge!” After a few days of research I realised just how tough the challenge would be – Rowing 3000miles from La Gomera to Antigua can take as long as 70+ days, rowing 2 hours on with 2 hours off 24 hrs a day with the risk of storms, huge waves, the risk of capsizing, having to swim under the boat to clean off the barnacles, my fear of sharks!! Etc.
Despite the reality of the challenge, I am so grateful that I have been asked to join the Atlantic Ladies team. I have started my rowing adventure by joining a local rowing club and am looking forward to embarking on what will be the biggest challenge of my life and at the same time be raising money for worthwhile charities.

I am at an age now where I appreciate how very fortunate I am to continue to enjoy good health and realise how life’s circumstances can quickly change. This challenge for me is about celebrating life and showing that you are never too old to learn something new and to challenge yourself